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When Shadowbox Cellars was founded in 2009, two of its partners, Monty and Sara Preiser, were well recognized wine writers. Because of their knowledge of winemakers and vineyards in Napa and Sonoma, the decision was made by all the partners to engage individual winemakers who had made strong impressions revolving around certain varietals. Thus, at its inception the company employed four winemakers to craft four varietals, each in their own particular style. It was a noble experiment. As the Shadowbox owners gained education and experience in their new field of endeavor, the decision was made to focus on a singular style of wine – their own.

Each year has seen progress in not only the quality of the wines, but the production numbers, which have expanded from 200 cases in 2009 to now just over 800 cases of the 2016 vintage.


Nonetheless, the focus and ultimate profile of each wine has 

remained the same -- acid driven, food friendly wines, sourced from small vineyards that produce superior fruit.  The Preisers and the Holzes all firmly agree that without the perfect vineyard, the beginning point of each grape, the final product will fall short of expectation. 

In 2018, Shadowbox has expanded its reach to include vineyards from areas in California other than Napa and Sonoma. Up and coming wine growing areas in Paso Robles and the Sierra Foothills now provide some fruit, and the winery is always on the lookout for something special.

As production and popularity have grown, the summer of 2018 witnessed Shadowbox’s proud opening of its their very own tasting room in the heart of downtown Napa. Here visitors can enjoy an intimate, sit-down experience, while sipping and learning about the wines directly from the vintners or winemaker.  

Downtown Napa
Tasting Room

"Through the Red Door"

1201 1st St (Entrance on Coombs)

Napa, CA 94559

Tel: 707.738.0386

Em: info@shadowboxcellars.com


Experiences available every day except Wednesdays. 

Walk-ins welcome Thursday-Sunday 1pm-7pm.  

Open by appointment at available at all other times.  

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