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I try to create wines that suit our climate and our way of life – wines to drink with the food we grow, make and eat.

– Spectra

Spectra winery was realised to focus on our passion for the region and its ability to produce dry – grown and environmentally sustainable wine. Recently a new home was established on our holistic philosophy to winemaking which starts with climate, empahasises the importance on the vineyard, as well as wine’s relation to the food we love to grow, cook, and eat.

Ira and Eydie Holz+

Ira and Eydie Holz, Founding Vintners

Sara and Monty Preiser+

Sara and Monty Preiser, Founding Vintners

Justin Preiser+

Justin Preiser, Winemaker/Manager

Ira and Eydie Holz

Ira and Eydie Holz, Founding Vintners

Ira and Eydie Holz share a love and appreciation for wine with everyone involved in Shadowbox Cellars. Eydie works in interior design and enjoys travel and the arts. She is also very involved in philanthropy and has chaired and organized events and served on committees for numerous charity organizations.

Ira Holz has been a passionate collector of wines for many years. He possesses a highly developed palate and brings a wealth of knowledge about wine to Shadowbox cellars. He was a longtime member of the Chicago Board of Trade and The Chicago Board Options Exchange. He is currently an investor in a diverse group of businesses. Ira is also involved in philanthropy and enjoys golf, collecting art, and travel.

Ira and Eydie Holz can be contacted at [email protected].


Sara and Monty Preiser

Sara and Monty Preiser, Founding Vintners

Monty Preiser earned his law degree in 1976 and before he semi-retired to spend his time in the wine industry he litigated major cases in about 20 states involving the safety of vaccines, tools, and medical practices. Sara Preiser graduated in 1973 with a degree in drama, and then became a spokesperson for DuPont and women’s fashion when Lycra was invented.

They met on a blind date in New York in 1977, and were married in 1978. They lived in West Virginia for 15 years before moving to Florida in 1992. After they became empty-nesters, they decided to write about food and wine as a joint hobby, which not surprisingly led them to the Napa Valley. Soon they were well recognized wine writers and founders of the most complete guide to Napa wineries and restaurants. From there it was a short step to making wine, which they first did in 2006. In 2009 the couple took partners and Shadowbox Cellars was born.

Sara and Monty Preiser can be contacted at [email protected].


Justin Preiser

Justin Preiser, Winemaker/Manager

Justin grew up in South Florida and with both parents being food and wine writers, there is little doubt how he was drawn to Napa After school at the University of Colorado in Boulder, he moved to the Napa Valley and began his day job – Director of Operations for The Preiser Key.

Justin Preiser can be contacted at [email protected].




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